His wife, neighbour, and some household workers ran towards the other flat but when they opened the door, they found him slumped in his chair in the midst of blood on the floor Ask these college students! So whether it is the Jumbo Vegetable Masala Cheese Grill Sandwich at Dhobi Talao or the Mysore Masala Dosa at Bhulabhai Desai Road, dozens of students have been visiting these hole-in the wall centers or restaurants to nosh on some delectable food. But his daughters live abroad so Thakur would stay in the flat whenever he wanted to spend time alone. There were "distress sales" of fruits and vegetables and other perishable goods during this period because of demonetisation. This was the after-effect of demonetisation and the adjustment that was required to be made by the banking system."SPI frozen pea pods APMC police station Rajendra Galande said, "We have recorded the wifersquo;s statement and investigated the matter.".Mr Modirsquo;s post-Uttar Pradesh Assembly poll jibe last month about hard work disproving Harvard (university-based and educated economists) and Mr Jaitleyrsquo;s remark in the Lok Sabha in his reply to the Finance Bill 2017 debate that the people of UP had endorsed demonetisation seems a bit frivolous. Police said that Thakurrsquo;s widow on Friday gave her statement: "My husband was having health issues since a year."Police said, "He had two flats in the building, one of which is owned by his daughter. We have confirmed it is suicide and registered a ADR. Reality is unbending and resistant, and propaganda does not help in altering facts.Oindrilla Gupta, TYBMM student at Sophia College says: Annarsquo;s Dosa Stall outside the main gate at Sophia College is one place that should be on every college-goerrsquo;s list. First, with the accelerated pace of remonetisation, discretionary consumer spending held back by demonetisation is expected to have picked up from Q4 2016-17, and will gather momentum over several quarters ahead. They informed police about the same. There were certain dishes that doctor had told me to eliminate from his regular diet. On Thursday night, he went to the other flat after quarrelling with his wife, took his licensed pistol and shot himself in the head.My personal favourite is the papdi chaat, which is only for Rs 35 and is a meal in itself. Thereafter, he went to another empty flat of his daughter

.Music books and vegetables (uncooked or cooked by steaming or boiling in water), frozen, branded and put in an unit container and vegetables provisionally preserved but unsuitable in that state for immediate consumption have been exempted from GST.Of the 23 goods and services on which rates have been slashed, tax rate on seven items in the 28 per cent slab has been China frozen sugar snap peas brought down."Rate rationalisation is an ongoing process.Apart from luxury and sin goods, mass use item cement and white goods like air conditioners and dishwashers are left in the 28 per cent slab.The goods on which GST has been lowered to per cent from 28 per cent at present include pulleys, transmission shafts and cranks, gear boxes, retreated or used tyres, power banks of lithium ion batteries, digital cameras, video camera recorders and video game consoles.The GST Council has also decided to set up a centralised Authority for Advance Ruling to hear those cases in which two divergent verdicts have been passed by AARs of two different states. Or we will do what we did in case of restaurants". The other items which will now attract per cent tax include pulleys, transmission shafts and cranks, gear boxes, retreated or used tyres, power banks of lithium ion batteries, digital cameras, video camera recorders and video game consoles."The next target will be rate rationalisation in cement as and when affordability improves," Jaitley said, adding reducing GST on cement would have cost an annual Rs 13,000 crore to the exchequer. Also third party insurance premium of goods carrying vehicles has been reduced from per cent to 12 per cent.When the original rates were fixed, India had the most irrational taxation rates.When asked about his message to the industry to pass on the rate cut benefits, Jaitley said, "There is already anti-profiteering authority, which has been more than active. The rate rationalisation comes after Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday indicated that the 28 per cent slab of GST would only be restricted to a few select items, such as luxury and sin goods and said his government wants to ensure that 99 per cent items attract per cent or lower GST. The GST Council has also decided to slash tax rate on parts and accessories for the carriages for disabled persons from 28 per cent to 5 per cent

You can serve the juice without straining it. Scramble the egg and keep aside."She goes on to explain that while many Mediterranean food items are considered rare or exotic in India, there are easy substitutes."Coconut water, aam panna, ripe mango juice and sugarcane juice can easily replace juices and fruits like oranges and kiwi which are not as easily available in the summer months. Nutritionists tell us how you cancustomise the exotic spread to suit your city. Many of their dishes, especially the vegetarian dishes, have antioxidants and also act as cooling agents. Pour the dressing over the noodles and mix evenly.Combine the Thai curry powder, salt, turmeric and chilli flakes and set aside. Saute for a minute or two and serve hot.Recipe courtesy chef Rahis Khan, The Metropolitan Hotel amp; SpaWok tossed glass noodles with prawnsIngredientsGlass noodles, 200 gmPrawns, 500 gmThai curry powder, 20 gmGarlic, minced, 50 gmLemon juice, 5 mlCoconut milk, 30 mlLemongrass, 10 gmPeanuts, 10 gmBird eye chilli, 5 gmSoya Sauce, 1 tspChilli China Wholesale frozen broad beans factory flakes, 1 tspMushrooms, 25 gmOnions, diced, 25 gmOil, 1 tbspSugar, 5 gmFish sauce, 5 mlCoriander, chopped, 2 tbspSalt to tasteMethodSoak the glass noodles in hot water for 20 minutes, then drain and cut into 10 cm-long pieces. Toss half with the noodles and half with the shrimp mixture. Let it stand until the noodles soften, drain and rinse under running cold water. Heat the oil in a wok, add garlic and sauteacute; till light brown."."Recipe:She suggests a great summer-friendly Mediterranean drink which anyone with a mixer and an access to the local market can make. Place the noodles on a serving plate, top with the shrimp mixture and serve. Drain and thinly slice. Garnish with peanuts and lemon wedges, and serve immediately. Mix well and set aside. Refrigerate. She says, "Summers are a good time to experiment and try out lighter, tropical dishes. Add in a squeeze of lemon, and some black salt or honey for taste.Recipe: Khusboo suggests a pasta salad cooked with whole grain pasta.Recipe courtesy chef Sahil Sabhlok, The ClaridgesPhad see mdash; Iew woonsenIngredientsGlass noodles, 100 gmBlack Thai soya sauce, 5 mlPok choy, chopped, 30 gmCarrots, julienned, 30 gmBean sprouts, 5 gmGarlic, minced, 5 mlLight soya sauce, 5 ml Eggs, 1 largeOil, 10 mlWhite pepper, 2/3 gmSalt to tasteMethodSoak the glass noodles in boiling water and strain. let these delectable renditions tell you how. . Season it with dried parsley, basil and oregano instead of salt


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